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Why You Need to Take Care of Your Feet & The Best Podiatrist in Seattle, Washington

Your feet are the foundation of your body. Like any other foundation, the stronger they are, the better the rest of the structure holds up to stresses. Taking care of your feet is an essential part of maintaining your health. Many people know this as a generality, but are unsure of some of the specifics as to why maintaining good foot health is so important. So, what are some of the reasons that you should take good care of your feet?


Knee and Back Health


As the first major joints above the feet, the knees and back are most affected by the health of the feet--or the lack thereof. Your feet hold up the rest of your body, and the position of the feet contributes to the position of the joints in your ankles, knees, hips, and back. Having major structural joints out of alignment on a regular basis is a recipe for pain and problems. Discomfort such as ball of foot pain can lead to pain higher up in your body.


One factor that is especially impactful on back and knee health is your choice of shoes. There is often a temptation to choose shoes largely based on whether or not they’re fashionable. However, choosing shoes that are functional and supportive is essential to the health of your feet and of your knees and back. The wrong kind of shoes can contribute to foot problems such as a tailor's bunion. As health consciousness becomes a greater issue on the whole, shoe companies strive to provide shoes that are both fashionable and functional.


Indications of Other Health Issues


It is very easy to miss indications of other health issues that present in your feet because it’s so easy to chalk it up to normal aches and pains from overuse or other everyday problems. However, a foot doctor can differentiate between normal wear on the feet and other troubles that are symptomatic of a greater issue.


Diabetics are especially prone to foot problems that can accelerate rapidly to become major problems. There are other health issues that can creep up as well, and early detection and intervention are an important part of foot and overall health.


Circulatory problems can show up first in the feet. The distance from the heart and the fight against gravity to return blood to the heart means that any shortcomings of the circulatory system are likely to present in the feet before they are noticed elsewhere. Catching these problems early is so important that it could literally save your life.


Problems with the nervous system often show up first in the feet as well. Because the feet carry the weight of the body, the nerves are almost constantly under the pressure and strain of bearing the weight of the entire body, sometimes enduring more than the body weight as you carry things or participate in high impact activities.


Be sure to have your feet checked often by a professional. If you are looking for the best podiatrist Seattle, the team at Foot & Ankle Center of Washington would love to ensure that you maintain your foundations and support the health of your entire body.